Our Services

Our highly trained licensed staff will assist you in selecting the service that best suites your needs. We will personalize the service to best reflect the life of the deceased, as well as the wishes of the survivors.
We will:

  • Prepare and file the death certificate with the health department and obtain the necessary permits, as well as certified copies of the death certificate
  • Assist you in preparing and submitting an obituary notice
  • Ascertain appropriate times for the visitation and the funeral service, whether it be at a church or at the funeral home
  • Contact the officiate
  • Arrange for the appropriate music at the service, such as an organist, soloist, cd’s or tapes
  • Arrange for flowers, police escort for the cortege and honorarium for the officiates
  • Notify any fraternal, military or other organizations

Traditional Funeral Services

A traditional funeral service is when your loved one is present. Generally visitation is held the day or night before the funeral. The funeral service itself is held the following day in either our funeral home, church or other location. Funerals often consist of scripture readings, prayers, a eulogy, sometimes a sermon and music. After the funeral, there is a procession to the cemetery for a committal service. The graveside service may be followed by a reception in our Hospitality Center, church or other gathering place.

The Funeral Service and Cremation

Cremation is another means of final disposition such as burial and entombment. The cremation can follow the visitation and funeral service at which the casket is present. After the funeral service, instead of going to the cemetery, the casket goes to the crematory. After cremation, a public or private inurnment of the cremated remains can take place at the convenience of the family.

The Memorial Service and Cremation

A memorial service, without the casket present can be held after the cremation takes place. The cremated remains may or may not be present for the memorial service. The service can be held at the funeral home, or at a church or other location. After the service, the urn may be taken to a cemetery for burial or be returned to the family.

Embalming and Cremation

Embalming is most often a matter of practical necessity for a service with the body present. For immediate cremation, embalming is not required. In fact, under many circumstances, embalming is not a legal requirement. State health regulations will vary regarding the requirement for embalming.



Of all the things you can do for you family, planning and funding your funeral may be one of the most considerate and caring. No other thing will do as much to ease their minds and comfort them in their time of loss. It’s something you can do now, it’s easy, and it’s affordable. Make the right choice for those you love … talk to one of our funeral professionals about funeral planning.

A simple 3-Step Process

Planning a funeral is really as easy as 1-2-3. One of our funeral professionals can walk you through each step and even make suggestions if you’re not sure about something.

Step 1: Gathering Information

This is just a matter of putting down all your biographical information about your life, your career, and your family. All the facts you’ll want everyone to know and remember. This is also a good time to write down all the personal information that will make your funeral more meaningful, things like hobbies and special interests.

Step 2: Making Arrangements

With this step, you’ll sit down with a funeral director and make choices about things like burial or cremation, what type of casket or urn, the services your want, and other details. One of our funeral directors will explain all your options, outline the costs, and make recommendations, if you like. It’s painless, it’s easy, and it only takes about an hour.

Step3: Funding The Funeral

We offer funeral planning through Atlantic Coast Life Insurance.Our funeral director will work with you to set up a funeral plan to fit your budget. Should you move or relocate, your plan is transferable to a funeral home in your new community.